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Implementing your ideas

Financial Modeling

Corporate financial statement analysis, risk measurement, Portfolio optimization on asset allocation and diversification

Application Development

Python (Flask, numPy, Pandas) and JavaScript (React, Node.js, AngularJS), Cloud deployment and hosting

Consultancy Services

Data visualization, Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics configuration, Google AdWords/Facebook Ads management, Graphic design and more

Feria cum Hoonio

Recitals by and with Hoonio, with vision to deliver music in order to enlighten the audience, provide a different angle on their view on the world we live in, and foundation for musicians of next generation to proactively pursue their passion.
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AgeWatch Index

Data visualization for HelpAge International which aims to support elderly around the globe. The work was featured in press coverage by The Guardian and

Densha de Tokyo

iOS application providing comprehensive guide for Tokyo Metropolitan Transit System, covering additional rail services including JR and major private lines.

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